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  • Multiple user registration
  • Group creation
  • Group catalogue with multiple group categories
  • Member private messaging
  • Member profiles with photo uploads
    Groups General:
  • Four group user levels with different permissions including normal member, retired manager, assistant manager, manager
  • Group image
  • Member list with precipitation point system
  • Information area
  • Update feeds
  • AJAX comments
    Group Apps:
  • Custom HTML pages with WYSIWYG editor
  • Photo gallery with AJAX rating system and AJAX comments
  • Video gallery with AJAX rating system and AJAX comments
  • Forum with option to sticky posts
  • Poll
  • Group AJAX rating system
    Group Manager/Assistant Manager:
  • Full moderation controls
  • Manager control panel
  • Enable / disable group apps, and AJAX drag and drop reordering

The Design & Planning Process: